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OPUS has grown into the most trusted & preferred full-service commercial Mechanical Contractor in the GTA. Our accomplishments are demonstrated through our team’s knowledge, expertise and passion for what we do and is exemplified in all we perform. Our company’s culture is inspiring, we’ve never been stronger and are excited for the opportunities to serve our clients.

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HVAC Chilled Water Upgrades

Mechanical Engineer

Northstar Engineering & Technologies Ltd.


5 Park Home Ave, North York

OPUS was the Prime Contractor working directley for GWL on this chilled water upgrade project. Our scope included the demo and removal of the existing Chiller, Cooling Tower, Pumps, Heat Exchanger. We then replaced all with new and coordinated chemical treatment. Opus self-performed all demo and new piping, duct-work modifications, all power and mechanical wiring, as well as a very detailed one-day crane lift to remove, dispose and hoist all new. This required a City Street Closure Permit, police and traffic control. Subcontractors to Opus included BAS Controls, insulation, civil, hydronic balancing, and chemical treatment. The challenge was met to replace all in a timely manner while maintaining minimal disruption to the Building Operation.

Red Bull

Property Manager


General Contractor


Mechanical Engineer



99 Atlantic Ave

This project for Red Bull was a full floor fit-out for the first tenant at 99 Atlantic Avenue in Liberty Village. Our work included all new plumbing and sheet metal, completed while base building construction was occurring. This project presented many logistical challenges that required precise project management to meet the schedule requirements and stay within budget.

Gay Lea CBM Addition

Property Manager

Gay Lea

General Contractor

Allyant Design & Construction

Mechanical Engineer

Bold Engineering


433 Rennie Street
Hamilton, ON

This was an addition to Gay Lea's existing Process Plant, where they were doubling the size of their current production areas. Our work involved the supply and installation of all HVAC, Plumbing, Sheet Metal, and Refrigeration systems. OPUS also provided a Design-Build solution for their Low-Temperature Coolers, including the Brine and Drying Rooms.

Kris Landon – Director, Construction & Project Management – Enwave Energy Corporation

OPUS Mechanical Services has been providing Enwave with great service, support and attention to detail in all of the work completed to date. With very difficult and challenging installations the OPUS team always comes through with the answers. Enwave enjoys an excellent working relationship with OPUS and look forward to working on many more projects going forward.

Bill Lazarakis – Principal, Tenant Services – The HIDI Group

OPUS Mechanical Services Ltd. has been nothing short of excellent, their team has been reliable, proactive, dependable and knowledgeable. Their dedication in performance makes every project run smoothly.

Darren LeClair - VP, Project Management- Flat Iron Building Group

OPUS Mechanical Services has provided us HVAC, plumbing and refrigeration services on many successful projects and has been a true trade partner to Flat Iron. They have always provided exceptional delivery even under the most challenging of circumstances and have completed on time and with the highest quality finished product.

Donald Brown – Partner – Greenferd Construction Inc.

Greenferd Construction Inc. is proud of our working relationship with OPUS Mechanical. Whether it’s working with us to develop project budgets, or putting together a competitive quotation, we always can rely on OPUS to assist Greenferd and continue to develop our business in this very competitive market. OPUS has teamed up with Greenferd in many Tenant Retrofits throughout the downtown core and recently in building and a large new Laboratory for a Mississauga testing and manufacturing facility. At Greenferd, safety if a top priority and we are committed to achieving the COR Certification. Working alongside OPUS is helping us to obtain this goal in a safe and organized manner. OPUS has developed very strong field crews and have a very professional staff that has and will continue to bring great success to our projects. We continue to strive to turnover quality installations, on time, on budget with an exemplary safety record, and we thank OPUS Mechanical in helping Greenferd obtain both our mission and our goals.

Andrew Eliot - Director of Projects - Allyant Design & Construction

We here at Allyant Design & Construction are proud to say that we are truly partners with OPUS Mechanical. We have developed a working relationship that stems from our trust of one another. Relationships are the most important piece of the business and ours with OPUS allows Allyant to tackle most any project with confidence. This relationship does go back as few years, prior to the startup of OPUS. Previously we have built Water Treatment Facilities and switched out critical mechanical equipment from Custom AHU’s to Chillers. OPUS has teamed up with Allyant recently in Building a Research and Development Innovation Centre and a large addition to the Gay Lea Cheese Process Plant in Hamilton, Ontario. All to date have been a great success. Thanks for all that you have done in helping turnover these successful Projects and we look forward to bigger and better opportunities in the near future.