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Diversity, inclusion, equal opportunities, and respect for all.

The OPUS Impact

Our Diversity

At OPUS Mechanical, we are dedicated to creating a work environment that empowers individuals to achieve their fullest potential regardless of their lifestyle or background.

We aspire to make every employee feel heard and valued. We cultivate diversity and inclusion by creating equal opportunities for individuals of all ethnic backgrounds, gender identities, people with disabilities and LGBTQ+. At OPUS Mechanical, we encompass a culture of diversity and inclusion as well as humanity.

Our Commitment

OPUS Mechanical ‘s workplace diversity policy: Our workplace recognizes diversity and inclusion as a key component to a successful business. We are committed to creating open opportunities for all individuals. We believe in treating all people with respect and dignity. We strive to have each individual bring their authentic self to the job, thus maximizing their full potential, regardless of differences. At OPUS Mechanical, it is the wide range of perspective and variances that result in our business providing exceptional services. With a focus on diversity and inclusion, OPUS continues to learn, grow, and construct a workplace that promotes innovation and success.

OPUS creates opportunity for students: We are dedicated to developing the next generation in the mechanical contracting industry. At OPUS, we provide jobs for students who potentially have an interest in the industry, ranging from finance, to field, to project management.

OPUS’s team: OPUS is a leader in the industry being devoted to gender equity throughout the company.

Employee Support: OPUS provides a pleasant environment for all our employees:

  • Employee network and support
  • Open Communications
  • Flexible work time arrangements

OPUS Mechanical is a proud member of the Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council (CAMSC). With a commitment to our community, OPUS Mechanical’s values align with the CAMSC as it aims to promote the growth of Aboriginal and Minority owned business and provide them with opportunities in the supply chain.

For more information regarding CAMSC, please visit: https://camsc.ca/about/

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